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 Configuring your combine made easy - the feiffer combine app guides you through the process for optimally setting up and adjusting your combine. It is a quick and easy and safe process. After all, these settings have been field-tested and have proven to be reliable for experienced combine operators. Screen_IOS_Android_German-Verlustabhilfe

This app distinguishes itself in particular thanks to its ability to adapt the settings to output and losses. As a result, the combine always operates with the appropriate configuration not only under all harvest conditions but also in every performance range. And losses are limite d. 

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APP_Design_feiffer_grain_red_V03App feiffer grain


Accurate and easy loss measurement. This App serves for calculating the grain loss during combine harvesting.  It helps you avoid losses, calibrate loss control, as well as optimally adjust your combine harvester. If you want to use this App, you need a loss control pan made by Feiffer Consult. How it works: Threshing losses are collected during combined harvesting using a loss control pan. Read out the number of lost grains from a simple counting scale or weigh them using a pocket scale. Input the result in the App feiffer grain. On the basis of the specific yield, the TGWs, and the combine harvester parameters, the loss values will be calculated exactly. This App is a universal tool for all crops and all combine harvester configurations. The result is calculated in %, kg/ha and €/ha. This app is freely available and does not require any In-App-purchases.