Loss control pan "classic" (8-12m)

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Our classic - proven for over 20 year! (Suitable for header widths of 8 to 12 m)



Determination of loss caused by straw walker and cleaning processes during the grain harvest.

Crop yield losses impact performance and with this, costs. The loss control pan collects straw and chaff over an area of a quarter of a square meter. The lost grain collected in the pan is pushed into a combination of three boxes. Each box refers to a loss of 0.5 %. It is possible to differentiate between windrowing and forage harvesting.

  • Fast and reliable determination of loss
  • Immediate determination of loss
  • Counting of grains will not be necessary anymore
  • No complicated conversion of results
  • For all types of threshed grain and straight combining 
  • Calibration of the loss control devices
  • Harvesting at the most efficient yield-loss-rate




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