Grain Tablet (universal)

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The new Feiffer Grain Tablet consists of a handy loss control pan which can be used in connection with the free app feiffer grain (for Android and iOS).


The number of lost grains can be read out easily and fast from a simple counting scale and then, the value is input in the app. The app does not only calculate the exact loss values but also the financial loss in €/ha. Who wants to know it more exactly, can weigh the loss quantity using a pocket scale and input the weight in the app instead of the number of grains. The result is very precise because it refers to the specific width of the header, swath width, yield, thousand grains weight (TGW), as well as the method (swath/forage harvester and chaff distributor on/off) With this, the Grain Tablet is a universal tool for all types of combine harvester and crop.


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